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Smart and Intelligent Energy

  • Smart Grid
    Energy demand management, load balancing, outage detection, transformer and high voltage line temperature and weather monitoring.
  • Energy Consumption Monitoring
    Energy consumption monitoring and management.
  • Load Management
    Monitoring and optimization of performance in solar energy plants.
  • Appliance Management
    Switching appliances ON/OFF remotely to avoid accidents and save energy.
  • Energy Storage Monitoring
    Battery storage bank monitoring with analysis and alarm notifications.
  • Electromagnetic Field Level Detection
    Monitor electromagnetic and radio frequency interference.

Smart HVAC Control

  • Temperature Control
    Automatic temperature management based on user preferences and behavior.
  • Zone and Vent Control
    Automatic adjustments of duct dampers and ventilation management based on user preferences and behavior.
  • Air Flow Control
    Fan speed control with air flow monitoring.
  • HVAC Energy Consumption
    Monitor electricity/gas usage of your HVAC and curtail usage based on price if desired.
  • Occupancy Monitoring
    Integrate ultrasound or infrared occupancy monitoring sensors into your HVAC system. These sensors provide an accurate profile of occupancy information to leverage energy saving features and appliance management for maximum comfort in a room.
  • Load Shifting
    Peak and off peak hours HVAC management.

Smart Access

  • Door and Window Contact Switches
    Know when a door, window, lid, or other is opened or closed, brought in contact with or moved away from an object.
  • Occupancy and Proximity Monitoring
    Set of sensors provide an accurate profile of occupancy information for energy saving features and appliance management.
  • People Identification
    UHF readers and RFID badges tell you who was where.
  • Intrusion Detection
    Detection of window and door openings to prevent intruders and violators.
  • Vehicle Access Control
    Vehicle detection and access management.

Smart Water

Smart Irrigation

RPE's Sprinkler solution can interface with a weather service or even better, our soil moisture sensors, in order to water more effectively.
Measure moisture of soil, then water accordingly. Set watering timers and temperature and moisture thresholds from your smartphone or web browser.

Smart Hot Water

RPE offers multiple solutions for water heating, including the leakage solution seen previously.  RPE can monitor water flow rates and gas usage/pricing and can help to save money through effective heating.
Heat water less when you don't need it and more when you do, saving electricity or gas.

Leak Detection and Shutoff

RPE offers water presence detection solutions in event of a slow drip or catastrophic flood and can shutoff the source to prevent further damage.
Shutoff valves to leaky tanks/pipes before catastrophe strikes and you flood your building or have other damage.

Industrial Solutions

RPE industrial solutions can be customized
Tank level management. Heavy duty automated valve control. Flow sensing. Control of pumps ON/OFF for energy saving and monitoring for abnormal power usage and water leakage detection.

Smart Parking and Vehicles

  • Access Control and Tracking
    Automatic vehicle identification and tracking using RFID, WiFi and GPRS technologies.
  • Vehicle Finder and Detection
    Vehicle location identification within parking structures.
  • Enhanced Parking Experience
    Our software allows you to leverage any payment system for your lot, since data such as duration, type of spot, spot number, etc. are readily available.
  • Parking Guidance
    Knowing which spots are taken, algorithms can direct drivers to a nearby empty parking spot.
  • Assigned/Staff Parking
    Tag spots to their owners or groups with our identification solutions.
  • Enforcement and Overstay Detection
    Know when a vehicle is in the wrong place and/or for how long and alert the system to handle the situation accordingly.

Smart Buildings

  • Smart Lighting
    Turn ON/OFF lights based on environment conditions and user preferences.
  • Energy and Water Usage Management
    Monitor and control electricity, gas, water, and resource consumption at each endpoint of delivery or along main lines.
  • Indoor Air Quality and Noise Level Monitoring
    Dust, oxygen, and toxic gas monitoring.
  • Access and Intrusion Detection
    Vibration sensors, glass breakage sensors, contact switches for doors.
  • Occupancy Management
    Infrared and ultrasound solutions can be paired with lighting, HVAC, and other solutions. Adjust the use of resources to correlate with the number of people nearby.
  • HVAC Management
    Temperature, humidity, and air flow controls.

Smart Retail

  • People Counter
    Counters can help you gain insight into your store performance, staff schedule optimization, advertising effectiveness, or just count visitors.
  • Intrusion Detection and Access Control
    Access control to restricted areas and detection of people in non-authorized areas.
  • Smart Phone Detection
    Detect mobile phones or any device that has a WiFi communication.
  • Customer Conversion
    Number of visitors vs. actual sales can provide analytics based on customer habits.
  • Smart Product Management
    Inventory turnover, automated restocking, easy location of individual items in big warehouses.
  • Intelligent Shopping Applications
    Produce/use critical data at point of sale according to customer habits and preferences, detection and identification of expiring inventory items

Smart Cities

  • Smart Lighting
    Weather adaptive street lighting control.
  • Smart Parking and Traffic
    Intelligent highways with warning messages and diversions according to climate conditions and unexpected events like accidents or traffic jams.
  • Structural Health
    Monitoring material, vibration and stress conditions in building structures.
  • Sound Monitoring, Environmental Noise
    Monitoring sound levels in and around noise producing zones/areas.
  • Electromagnetic Field Detection
    Monitoring and measuring energy radiated from cellular phone stations and WiFi routers.
  • Waste Management
    Monitoring rubbish levels in containers for service requests and collection scheduling.
  • Vehicle to Infrastructure Communication
    Vehicle access and registry with parking structures, access points, and roads.