Red Peak Engineering's Mission Statement

        At RPE we believe in simplicity and reliability.  Simple designs are more elegant and less error prone.  We thrive to come up with advanced state of the art designs with straight forward implementations to solve complex real life problems.  Less hardware and less software minimize errors and failures.

        Secure wireless communications simplified, replaced, and modernized the way we provide useful solutions in many commercial and manufacturing sectors, as well as in our daily lives.  Cellular networks have paved the way with mobile phone and tablet communications, and now low power mesh networks will provide the next level of communication, where they will tie in fixed asset monitoring and controls, which will truly establish a connected world, where you have access to everything.  Welcome to the Internet of Everything.

        At RPE we commission Mesh Networks, where ever they may provide connected solutions to multifaceted objects and conditions.  An associative network creates environments where preemptive measures are taken to avoid damaging conditions.  The network provides multi point solutions rather than making decisions based on single point observations or measurements.

        With secure communications and simplified sensor and actuator designs we can create intelligent networks with intelligent agents monitoring and controlling everything on the network.  There should not be any need to press any button or screen unless you have to.

        For more than a century, we got used to reliable wired communication.  At RPE we are thriving to make wireless networks act like reliable wired networks.  Our ultimate goal is to provide affordable, state of the art, technologically advanced solutions to efficiently manage our resources and lives.

        There are enormous benefits to network-enabled devices -- they become accessible from virtually any place in the world that has an Internet connection. Devices that are linked with URLs (web address) become associated with web pages that have detailed information about them. With the capabilities of e-mail, SMS, file transfers, web browsing and data retrieval, you are enabled to save time, resources and have an easier decision making process.