Innovations in sensor, actuator, and radio technologies introduce vast possibilities of creating intelligent networks that provide real life solutions in the betterment of our lives. Come and discover the different types of sensors that are available out there and what they can be used for.

Radio Modules

Communication is the cornerstone of human intelligence. Wireless communication technologies have been pushing the envelope by producing many exciting low power radio designs and solutions. They have paved the way for us to come up with intelligent designs.

Red Peak Wireless Products for IoT

Advantages of Internet of Everything

  •    Control

    Having the ability to set automatic tasks and processes based on timers or thresholds empowers users greatly. An example scenario could be when the garage door opens and it is after 6:00 PM, make sure all the lights in the maintenance bay are switched ON. Anything can trigger an automation anywhere in the network using our single enterprise software package.
  •    Monitor

    Knowing the exact quantity of supplies or the air quality in your home, can further provide more information that could not have previously been collected easily. For instance, knowing that you are low on milk or printer ink could save you another trip to the store in the near future. Furthermore, monitoring the expiration of products can and will improve safety.

  •    Time

    The amount of time saved because of IoT will be quite large. And in today’s modern life, we all could use more time.
  •   Money

    The biggest advantage of IoT is saving money. If the price of the tagging and monitoring equipment is less than the amount of money saved, then the Internet of Things will be very widely adopted.


Sensors generate measurement data, and radios transfer them to computational elements to help us in our decision making. Software programs and algorithms are also incorporated in those decisions to help us estimate and predict outcomes and behaviors, in which automated actions are taken or human intervention is required. Hence, vast possibilities are created by combining various sensors and programming elements to make decisions and take any action we desire. For example a user can tie in a light sensor with door bell, camera, and microphone to determine if the user needs to turn on the front light and send a voice message to the front door speaker. RPE has the infrastructure and the environment to achieve those possibilities.

Red Peak Wireless Solutions

We understand how to design, test, and commission wireless networks.  Do you need hardware design, validation, or interfacing?  What about software that helps you with managing energy use?  With our vast experience, we are here to help.

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