RPE offers a set of wireless products in support of intelligent automation

If you need to have total control over lighting in an office, know when doors are open/closed, or need to save money by using your air conditioning only when rooms are occupied, RPE can recommend a plan for you. We have the technical know-how to custom build and install a system specific to your needs, by utilizing a set of our inhouse designed hardware, software and algorithms, and if we need to, by providing and integrating 3rd party hardware.

Heavy Duty Electronic Valve Control by Red Peak Engineering


  • Air, water, gas and other valves can be automatically controlled based on your project processes, timers and thresholds.
  • Measure flow rates and pressure of your transport system and shutoff if flow is too high or if line pressure drops in certain areas of your system.
Irrigation Management by Red Peak Engineering


  • Program sprinkler timers from your smartphone or web browser.
  • Set moisture thresholds to trigger automatic watering using our soil moisture sensors.
  • Measure the flow rate and total use of water for each zone.
  • Set sprinklers off on rainy days.
Extension Cords / Surge Protectors by Red Peak Engineering


  • Contact switches allow you to know when doors and windows are accessed.
  • RFID solutions provide the ability to track who is where.
  • People counters can let you monitor to know visitor traffic, or if someone is in a restricted area, etc.
HVAC Control by Red Peak Engineering


  • With temperature sensors everywhere (interior/exterior) you can heat/cool smarter.
  • Measures electricity/gas usage and price to run your HVAC.
  • If duct dampers are installed, different users/zones may have different comfort settings.

Contact us if you would like a custom sensor/control solution tailored to your needs.

Server Side and Mobile Applications

We make responsive applications

RPE's web based software environment provides users an interface to manage resources and tasks associated with their devices and networks. Our mobile-friendly apps provide convenient features for receiving alerts, notifications, and real time monitoring and control of assets within networks. We are here to make your life easier by providing you with intelligent autononomous systems to manage water, energy usage, comfort level, access, take preventive actions, and recommend you with alternative options.

Light Switches by Red Peak Engineering
Outlets by Red Peak Engineering
Extension Cords / Surge Protectors by Red Peak Engineering


  • In-Wall Programmable switch with up to 8A capacity for lights, fans, shutters, and any AC powered device
  • Measures electricity usage and price
  • Remote ON/OFF control


  • In-Wall Programmable two plug AC outlets with up to 16A capacity
  • Measures electricity usage of connected articles
  • Remote ON/OFF control to connected articles


  • General purpose programmable power strip with up to 16A capacity
  • Measures electricity usage and price
  • Remote ON/OFF control to the full power strip

Optional additional features exist with the above devices that include: Humidity sensing, motion sensing, light intensity and color sensing, direct WiFi connection, and many others.

Internet Enabled Custom Hardware Design

To our clients who need web enabled hardware designs, RPE offers hardware and firmware solutions that can be incorporated with your existing designs, or be integrated as a new design. RPE provides WiFi and GPRS (cellular) based hardware and software solutions with commercially available and affordable modules for total web-enabled solutions.

Contact us if you have any questions or needs for hardware design services.

Software development

Do you have a need for an easily manageable, custom, smart sensor solution?
Contact us today to commission your wireless mesh network.