Red Peak Engineering offers cost effective products and solutions in the connected world of Internet of Things or Everything (IoT), where residential and commercial entities, municipalities, and cities can benefit from our easy-to-use wireless technologies.
    Unlimited possibilities exist in creating intelligent networks by utilizing state of the art communication modules and sensors to conserve and manage resources, and perform user defined preventive and desired actions.
    Take advantage of our behavior based intelligent devices, and discover ways in which technology can assist automation, where user action/intervention is not needed unless it is necessary.

Welcome To The Internet Of Everything

    Low power, WIFi, and Cellular radios made Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) possible, accessible, and affordable for everyone. Unprecedented opportunities are created by connecting those radios to networks. They introduce a new mindset in decision making, managing resources and enhancing our lives.
    There are concerns regarding security, scalability, reliability and validity of capital investment. However with our solutions all of these concerns have been addressed.

Our team of dedicated professionals with vast knowledge and expertise are ready to provide you with state of the art wireless technical solutions.